Everything you need to know about payment links.

Mobile payments have progressed to an exciting stage. Mobile payment providers and digital wallets are well established, and Proximity mobile payments have now reached $98 billion.

Point-of-sale payments can now range from large units to handheld devices to a static proximity Spring.

How payment links work with Spring

Customers tap the Spring with their smartphone to a maximum distance of 7 to 10cm. Depending on the circumstances, customers may be required to click on Apple Pay or enter their pin to authenticate the transaction.

Using existing infrastructure, the user experience is quick and simple. Digital wallets and the use of payment links with multiple payment gateways are well-established, with plenty of room for innovation.

Where do I get payment links?

There are many providers in the marketplace, we have outlined the most popular below that we use as part of the Spring Platform.

E-commerce and online stores

You can either link Spring to your online store or create a single mobile landing page for a single product. Here are the steps to establishing a payment link with some well-known service providers:

Stripe provides payment links for selling online without having a website. With a few clicks, you can create a complete payment page and share the link with your customers - no coding required.

Square uses payment links to enable touch-free checkout.

Payments with Apple App Clip or QR code

App Clips allow users to access and experience what your app has to offer without having to download the app. They are quick and light, allowing users to quickly open them and pay with Apple Pay. Each App Clip Code is distinct in appearance, with a URL at its core, and can be linked through the mobile landing page and incorporated into the design of a Spring, allowing the code to be tapped on or scanned by the smartphone camera. QR codes that include payment links can also be printed onto a Spring.

One-off payments

Is it a one-time or recurring purchase? If it's a recurring purchase, you can set up a payment page with your payment provider.

Paypal offers a service known as Paypal.Me, where you can set up individual payment amounts for one-time transactions.

Zettle provides a one-time link that can be sent to the customer if they are not present. Create a one-time link in the Zettle app that you can send to your customer via text message, Whatsapp, social media, or email.

How can I create a payment Spring?

Once you've created a payment link URL, go to the Spring platform and include it in a landing page or redirect to your payment page, e-commerce site, or booking page.

Once you have an App Clip code, you can insert it into a Spring's icon panel in the Spring designer and use the URL in the Spring settings. Check that the URL on the App Clip code and the spring are the same.

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