The Weekly - Is Mobility as a Service equipped for a public transport challenge?

Transportation and mobility should be a seamless experience that allows us to move from one place to another in the fastest way and cheapest way possible.

With travel restrictions and hybrid working patterns changing, rail services responded with carnets - a more flexible option allowing 8 days travel within 28 days, resulting in savings of hundreds of pounds for commuters doing a couple of days in the office and the same at home.

Flexible ticketing is not new, Oyster has been providing multiple forms of travel under a single payment channel for years.

Once the novelty wears thin, the winners of the MaaS vs Public transport will always be convenience and accessibility.

Commuters looking for frictionless ticketing and payment will benefit from app clips, on contactless touchpoints, anywhere. And environmental considerations on the footprint of urban locations make the cost of electronic payment terminals higher than just the capital outlay.

Now, with Spring, there's a way both private and public transport providers can take payment and provide digital tickets with RFID.

Savvy private operators from scooters, bike and ride shares are moving towards collaboration providing one authentication point in mitigating user fatigue with app sign up and long registration processes.

Here are 3 ways Spring can help MaaS operators:

1. Put app download touchpoints into workplace locations to increase sign up.

2. Spring can also help both MaaS and Public transport providers service 'unbanked' commuters who don't want to set up an account or can't because they rely on commuter benefits (3m in the US).

3. Integrate with public transport with light touch integration methods.

With cheap RFID solutions for journey purchase and ticketing, it's game on.

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