Donate Spring - Five ways to boost donations in a cashless world

Spring of the Day: Donate Spring

The way we are giving is changing, 78,000 donated were made with with contactless technology in May 2021.

The big picture: People don't carry cash and coins, leaving the rattle of a donation box lighter. Digital donation boxes can help but with more capital expenditure lead to an expensive outlay before revenue realisation.

The simple fix: Design a personalised charity Spring. It can be placed anywhere, is tamper-proof, required no maintenance or collection.

Five ways Spring can boost donations:
Storytelling: Before asking, give the context of the donation and tell people how their donation will make a difference with videos and articles.

Nudge tactics: use ethical practices of behavioural economics and personalisation to trigger donations without the intrusion of in-person donation requests.

Provides Options: Recurring and single donations or simply sign up for different donation schemes such as payroll giving.

In location: Proximity to places and people puts the donor in the shoes of the community or environment which needs saving. A highly visible touchpoint makes it hard to ignore and enables charities to build impactful campaigns.

One successful way charities are encouraging supporters to donate through contactless is to install devices in shop windows, where shoppers can give money as they walk by.

Convenience - no-one want to complete another form. Spring enables one click donations with digital wallets.

Footnote: Spring can also be used to deliver charitable services to the community.

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