Spring to positively impact our planet

How brands can reduce e-waste for less than the price of a PPC ad

Instead or using electronic payment terminals, digital displays and paper manuals, use a Spring. An NFC tag made from zero waste, biodegradable or compostable materials. It uses the users phone to tap and go. One mobile device for everything as a service.

Here's a few ways Springs & Springboards will improve our communities

Offer communities cost-effective ways to share information from - report a crime, access government services from any location, reduce robberies with cashless transactions, reduce ticketing fraud on public transport.

Protect the environment and urban landscape from invasive large advertising billboards. Why? A Spring is between 50-100mm, a tiny footprint in comparison.

Reduce e-waste - UK generated 23.9kg of e-waste per capita in 2019. Spring enables businesses to offer digital services on a users phone as opposed to expensive and non recyclable payment terminals, restaurant order terminal, ticketing terminals and digital ad screens.

Reduce retail waste through encouraging retailers to hold core stock in-store and drive shoppers to e-commerce when an item is not in stock. This small step would save retailers money from transporting huge volumes of clothing, reduce the size of stores required and reduce returns of clothing. Of which, 5 billion are sent to landfill.

Reduce the waste from paper instruction manuals in packaging, with set up guidelines being delivered via mobile with just a tap. Imagine every piece of flatpack furniture, consumer technology and children's toy without paper instructions.

Reduce the waste from newspapers on public transport by offering the media mobile alternatives with paywalls.

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