Everything as a service enhances best practice hybrid working practices

Organisations across the globe are crafting the new workplace. Your team and hybrid working have established business advantages with WFH but we're now experiencing the first tentative steps of hybrid working now many of us are back in the office on an ad hoc basis.

Scientists have studied productivity through digital interactions and found that small teams on a project basis are doing well. Video conferencing has flattened hierarchical structures and project delivery hasn't suffered.

What has suffered is innovation. Unstructured interactions in office results in new ways to do things, a deeply important feature of operational automation and IOT. Currently, hybrid working doesn't appear to be closer to solving the challenge.

We spoke to a telecoms business in the UK and two key challenges faced was around new starters and adherence to process. How can a new team member navigate the framework of getting things done when only a third of the workforce are available face to face at a given time?

We think Spring can play a pivotal role in office redesign for hybrid working. Seen as interactive signage for workers, Spring can support the following:-

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Visitor registration and management
  • Interactive noticeboards
  • Facilitate face-to-face interactions
  • Encourage social and culture sharing
  • Asset sourcing and sharing
  • Room & hot desk booking
  • IT support and feedback
  • Organise and clarify operational tasks
  • Encourage innovation and collaboration
  • Office supplies - ordering and delivery
  • Promote automated processes
  • Provide in-location learning

"The office will become primarily a culture space, providing workers with a social anchor, facilitating connections, enabling learning, and fostering unscripted, innovative collaboration." Harvard Business Review, 2021.

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