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According to the Brandwatch Customer Experience 2021 report, 45% of consumers had a negative experience with technology brands.

We regret to inform you that we have received negative feedback. In turn, high user expectations and unmet beliefs about technology performance hinder the long-term use of technology. Consider one point in the tech adoption process.

The joy of unboxing the latest technological purchase, sliding a fingernail along the cellophane, and easing open the heavy duty box is universal. However, for many customers, this is where their joy ends and they begin to experience cognitive dissonance.

A large user manual falls from the packaging, implying that a significant portion of the day will be spent flipping through it and searching for setup videos on YouTube that are less than 45 minutes long.

According to the Peak-end Rule, people remember an experience based on how they felt at its most intense point and at its end, rather than the average of all moments.

Spring can be used by consumer technology brands to direct new users to videos, instructions in multiple languages, and chat support all in one place. Simply tap your phone against a Spring to start a series of experiences.

What's better when launching a product with Spring?

- Customized instructions mean less searching and more doing.

- Instructions in visual formats that are easily digestible

- Communication that is inclusive of multiple audiences

- use of live chat

- Receive immediate feedback

When the line between faulty goods and user error is frequently blurred, providing clarity can increase revenue, reduce negative post-purchase reviews, reduce returned goods, increase loyalty, and provide a better experience from the first unboxing.

Sources: Brandwatch, Bhattacherjee, 2001

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