Spring into new revenue streams

How Spring works for partners

Partnering with Oomph Spring will help you turbocharge your business, increasing profitability with a solution that is simple to sell, maintain, scale, and implement in minutes.

How to partner, sell and manage Spring

It all starts with our relationship

Proven to increase your margins

Attract new business with new resources

Receive presales support to qualify and onboard new customers

Obtain leads via our partner programme

Retain customers for longer

Build a reputation as a trusted advisor

Provide actionable insight so clients can make informed decisions

Identify multiple upsell and cross-sell opportunities

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Reap growing rewards with our Silver, Gold and Platinum partner programme

As we grow together, you'll unlock even more partner benefits including:

- Minimal overheads

- Maximise margins with a simple-to-use solution that delivers contactless payments, mobile marketing and digital services

- Simple pricing model

- no professional fees to onboard

- only pay for what you use

- benefit from multiple/recurring revenue streams

Proximity tech for digital-first brands

Microinteractions and mobile technologies are fundamentally altering the way businesses in all industries operate. The core technology of a Spring is NFC; by using Spring on your packaging, in-store, or on the go, you can power up products and engage consumers even further.

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Apple App Developers - Launch App Clips

An App Clip is a lightweight version of your app that lets people perform everyday tasks quickly like rent a bike, pay for parking, or order food, without downloading and installing your app. People discover and launch App Clips in a variety of situations and contexts.

You can upload an App Clips to Spring and share app features with people who haven’t installed the app.

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Ready to enhance your portfolio?

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes

Reseller Partner - you order on behalf of your clients - we give you a proportion of the sale. No integration required. Just sign up as a Partner on the Spring platform. And we’ll give you training and content for your website. Ideal for - print and signage, professional services, MSPs.

Creative Partner - Help clients with the design of Springs, drive campaign strategy, book Springboards and earn through design. Ideal for: Event companies, agencies, PR and media.

SaaS Partner - Get your brand in front of clients looking for transformative technology. Promote with personalised Spring templates on the Spring platform, a partner page and customisable shop. E.g. Chat and customer service, payment provider, POS, customer management, asset management, security and identification vendors.

Location Partner - Get more money for your footfall. Receive an attractive offer in 24 hours. Guaranteed Payments. Get Paid In 4 Weeks. Operating across the UK. Ideal for Retail estates, stadiums, Public transport, cinemas, sports grounds, city councils, shared workspaces.

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