Discover the most flexible contactless experience

A Spring can take payment and so much more

  • Discout code retail

  • Tap to order

  • Retail online shop

  • oomph promotion

  • tech product information

  • Ad competition

  • Menu bar

  • Hotel Services

  • Product instructions

  • Book a ride

  • Parking Payment

  • Transport Payment

  • Recruitment

Launch into a Spring

Link to your website, app, landing pages, and content, or use one of our landing page templates to easily develop and manage digital content without any programming or coding skills. When you subscribe to Springs, you can change your destination at any moment.

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Spring can be used in a variety of ways, from accepting payments to sharing content. Simply create a landing page on our platform or redirect to your own landing page to get instant mobile browser content.

Easy to launch tech

Customers are increasingly reliant on smart phones, using devices for a broad range of tasks, in a gambit of situations. Spring takes full advantage of the ubiquity of smart phones, enabling companies to link their audiences to a custom digital experience.

We've developed a feature-rich templates to create simple, clear management for your digital destinations. And the good news is that you don't need to encode a Spring product with one URL, you can change your links as much as you like. It’s good news for the environment too, we can reduce waste and increase sustainability. Here's how you do it.

Spring into any URL

With the tap of a phone move from physical springs to URLs such as

  • Contactless order + pay for products and services

  • Display interactive information anywhere

  • Book + pay for experiences and attractions

  • Launch Apple App Clips or Android Instant Apps

  • Drive from physical locations to native apps and websites

  • Drive attention to online retail

  • Launch digital publications

  • Take the visibility of OOH advertising and the ROI of direct marketing with data capture

Simple feature-rich templates for everyone

A ready to go, skinnable in-browser mobile landing page to start a brilliant experience in minutes.

  • Advertising and marketing

    Engage anywhere

    Templates to help you get attention, gain followers, spread news, promote offers and run complete campaigns at scale.

    Easy to use. Easy to manage. Quick to integrate with existing apps, POS and CMS software.

    Tap +

    Product launch

    Get social clicks

    Run competitions

    Free trials

    Popular features

    Manage url links

    Display videos

    Link to MP3

    Link to social

  • Customer Experience

    Services in situ

    Here's where you drive brand love and better engagement. Where operations meets customer needs. In store. On pack. In home. On product.

    Tap +

    Product information & instructions

    Tech support & digital tools

    Account services

    Virtual chat/chatbots

    Popular Features

    PDF upload

    Link to contacts

    Link to virtual chat

    Link to support desk & ticketing

  • Sales & Promotions

    Sell anywhere

    Sales spaces to help you drive revenue, convert more sales and run targeted discount and special offers at scale.Here’s where inventory control meets collected from store or shipped home.

    Tap +

    Special Offer codes


    Collect loyalty points

    In Store deals

    Popular features

    Link to payments

    Link to online stock

    Manage url links

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