Spring into Simple

How Spring works

With sustainable materials, NFC & QR, and the Spring URL management platform, we make it simple to launch and manage a Spring campaign. Spring makes it easier for customers to get around, access services, engage and pay. The majority of Android and iOS smartphones can provide these seamless, fast, and frictionless experiences.

How to design, buy and manage connected products

Setting up Spring

In just a few minutes, a Spring campaign can be created and activated. You don't need designers or developers because our basic builders will do everything for you. Select an action.

Step 1

Choose an action to automate

Use Spring to direct the user to a landing page on their mobile browser for payment, live chat, technical support and more.

Step 2

Create a mobile landing page

Select a template. Add images, video, payment links, social and call-to-action buttons, and then style with a variety of colours and fonts.

Springboard builder settings

Step 3

Choose a URL

Redirect to an existing URL or create a Spring URL to link your product and mobile landing page.

Spring campaign dashboard builder

Step 4

Connect a tag to your campaign to activate it

This is where you'll manage all of your spring campaigns. Manage the campaign, check analytics, change the landing page designs, and update the redirects and links.

Spring campaign dashboard 2

Step 5

Share your Spring products with the world

On products, walls, shelves, tables, and other touchpoints to attract, intrigue, inform and convert users with the tap of a smartphone.

Ready to enhance your customer experience?

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