Take touch-free payments with Spring

Spring provides an easy-to-use way to take payments.

Direct to e-commerce

Customers tap and Spring to the e-commerce section of your website to instantly find the product and checkout.

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POS payments

Link Spring to your point-of-sale for table ordering or location-specific identification.

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App download

Customer taps a tag or scans QR to download the app, leading to a richer purchasing journey.

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SKU payment

Spring can include a QR code generated for the transaction. The customer scans the QR code, and the amount is deducted from the customers' wallet.

Payment link

Customers tap Spring or scan the QR code. This is linked to a payment gateway enabling Spring to identify the merchant. Customers then add the amount and complete the payment.

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Quick payments

Use Spring to achieve a fast return on investment. Perfect for taking contactless from a low-level agent-assisted to a cost-effective, integrated frictionless solution to scale.

Quick and easy user experience. And the good news, you won't have to change payment software to link to Spring.

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Build your Spring today

To enable multiple payment points, use our simple Spring builder.

Create a Spring

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